SteveWillDoIt Net Worth 2023: A Deep Dive into the Life and Wealth of the Outrageous YouTuber

As of 2023, SteveWillDoIt net worth of approximately $5 million, is a testament to his diverse revenue streams. The accumulation of this impressive wealth stems from his thriving YouTube career, lucrative merchandise sales, and active involvement with the popular Happy Dad brand.

SteveWillDoIt, also known as Stephen Deleonardis, has solidified his status as a celebrated American YouTuber and social media personality. Renowned for his daring challenge videos and humorous pranks, he has garnered a substantial following, positioning himself as a notable figure in the realm of online entertainment.

Steve will do it net worth

Here are some key details about SteveWillDoIt’s financial profile:

Source of incomeYouTube, merchandise sales, Happy Dad brand
Salary$2,50,000 +
Monthly Income$35,000 +
Yearly Income$0.5 Million +
Annual Expenses$55,000 +
Net WorthEstimated to be around $5 million

SteveWillDoIt has over 4 million followers and 280 million views on YouTube, and his fans eagerly await his humorous and often bold content. His Instagram business deals and cryptocurrency ventures supplement his YouTube earnings.

This article will examine SteveWillDoIt net worth in 2023, his rise to popularity, and his biography as a famous online personality.

SteveWillDoit  Net Worth Growth and Income Sources

Source: Youtube

Let’s take a journey through SteveWillDoIt’s financial growth and the sources contributing to his wealth:

YearEstimated WealthSource
2019$3.0 millionYouTube earnings
2020$3.5 millionYouTube earnings, brand deals
2021$4.0 millionYouTube earnings, brand deals, merchandise sales
2022$4.5 millionYouTube earnings, merchandise sales, brand deals, investments
2023$5.0 millionYouTube earnings, merchandise sales, brand deals, investments

SteveWillDoIt net worth has seen a steady climb over the years, propelled by a well-balanced mix of revenue sources. From YouTube revenues to strategic brand collaborations, apparel sales, and investments, each year shows wealth growth and a diverse income strategy. SteveWillDoIt’s financial trajectory will continue to expand and adapt to the ever-changing internet entertainment and entrepreneurship scene.


Full/Real name Stephen Deleonardis
Birth date Aug 26, 1998
BirthplaceOviedo, Florida, USA
Age (As of 2023)25 years old
Zodiac SignVirgo
Ethnicity White
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherMr. Deleonardis
MotherChannetta Valentine
Siblings2: Rocco (brother), Briana (sister)
Famous Forviral pranks and Instagram challenges
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair colorDark Brown
Height5’9″, 175cm
Weight85Kg, 187lbs
EducationAttended a local public school in Oviedo
ProfessionInternet Personality

Stevewilldoit Real Name

Stevewilldoit Chidhood

SteveWillDoIt, known off-camera as Stephen Deleonardis, hails from Oviedo, Florida, where he spent his formative years. With roots tracing back to an Italian family, his cultural heritage adds a unique dimension to his personality. Currently residing in Los Angeles, SteveWillDoIt made the move to LA alongside his team members, marking a significant chapter in his life journey.

Early Life, Family, And Education

SteveWillDoIt, formerly known as Stephen Deleonardis, entered the world on August 26th, 1998, in the charming town of Oviedo, Florida. While Steve has cherished memories of his parents, he has chosen to keep their names private, maintaining a level of privacy regarding his family.

Within his family circle, Steve has two siblings—a brother named Rocco and a younger sister named Brianna. His affection for Brianna is evident, with Steve doting on her due to their age difference. The bonds of family extend to his relationship with his brother, fostering a strong connection between them.

During his educational journey at Oviedo High School, Steve, then De Leonardis, discovered his true passion in content creation. Initially sharing humorous challenge videos on Instagram, he faced setbacks as the platform repeatedly removed his content. Undeterred, Steve’s determination led him to YouTube in 2019, where he adopted the moniker “Stevewilldoit.”

The choice of this name was a reflection of his fearless approach to content creation—there was nothing Steve wasn’t willing to do on camera. This mindset quickly resonated with audiences, propelling him to fan-favorite status and securing a spot among the most subscribed YouTubers globally. SteveWillDoIt’s journey from a content creator in high school to a renowned figure on YouTube exemplifies not only his dedication but also his willingness to embrace challenges head-on.

Stevewilldoit Personal Life

SteveWillDoIt with Celina Smith
Marital statusIn a relationship 
BoyfriendCelina Smith

In the realm of personal relationships, SteveWillDoIt finds himself in a current state of romantic involvement. He is not married but is actively engaged in a relationship with Celina Smith, an Instagram model and influencer. The inception of their romance dates back to their high school days, sharing the same institute that laid the foundation for their connection.

The dynamics of SteveWillDoIt’s relationship with Celina are characterized by good chemistry, cooperation, and mutual respect. Their journey as a couple is often shared openly on social media, providing followers with glimpses into their shared life.

In his content and personal life, SteveWillDoIt pushes boundaries and takes on new challenges, reflecting his outgoing and adventurous attitude.

Steve’s recent updates have dispelled suspicions of a split caused by Celina’s infidelity. Steve announced in a recent article that they overcame their concerns, demonstrating their devotion to overcoming obstacles and maintaining their relationship. The pair looks determined to navigate their complicated journey together, reaffirming their commitment to their relationship.

The Career of SteveWillDoIt

SteveWillDoIt Career

SteveWillDoIt embarked on his career journey in May 2017, making his initial mark on the digital landscape through Instagram. His early content consisted of challenge videos that quickly captured the attention of Instagram users, propelling him into the spotlight.

Capitalizing on his growing popularity, Steve expanded his online presence by creating a YouTube account in May 2019 under the moniker Stevewillldoit. His online character was defined by his readiness to take on any challenge on this platform. He routinely posted about drinking and eating junk food.

Steve’s YouTube career took off on June 11, 2019, when he posted “I am taking over YouTube,” which went viral and established his presence. Steve’s career changed when NELK Entertainment, a prank channel, discovered him. Steve was recruited by NELK’s president due to his innovative approach. He trended on social media after this maneuver.

SteveWillDoIt’s content, from “Drinking 12 bottles of Beer in 2 min” to “Fake Security at Hollywood Hottest Night Club Prank,” went viral and made him a star.

Steve met President Donald Trump through NELK in 2020. Steve joyfully danced at a presidential rally after the president invited him. His video “I handcuffed Brad Martyn then ripped darts in his gym” got 10 million views, boosting his fame.

SteveWillDoIt’s daring content, which sometimes combines cannabis and drink, shows his attitude. His 2021 video, “Buying $10M yacht in Bitcoin,” went viral and solidified his digital prominence.

Steve worked with Bradley Martin, Faze Rug, David Dobrik, and other social media stars. These collaborations boosted his online visibility and influence quickly.

What Is SteveWillDoIt’s Monthly Income?

SteveWillDoIt commands an impressive monthly income, surpassing $35,000, showcasing the diversity of his revenue streams. His social media activity, brand endorsements, and commercial success fuel his wealth.

His Instagram and Rumble presence, especially following his YouTube ban, boosts his monthly income. Steve’s adaptability and online presence demonstrate his tenacity in the ever-changing digital arena.

Steve’s Full Send Clothing and Happy Dad Hard Seltzer businesses boost his earnings. These businesses and his savvy investments in luxury vehicles and NFTs demonstrate his financial expertise.

Income diversification is SteveWillDoIt’s standout financial plan. This planned method ensures a steady revenue flow, minimizing the unpredictability of social media and digital markets.

Steve is known for his business and investment skills as well as his internet fame. Strategic financial preparation shows in his ability to manage the uncertain digital landscape while remaining financially stable. SteveWillDoIt’s monthly revenue shows his online influence and entrepreneurial skills.

The Balance Sheet and Income Statement of Stevewilldoit

Let’s delve into Stevewilldoit’s financial snapshot, breaking down his assets, investments, and financial activities:


  • Stevewilldoit boasts assets exceeding $2 million, reflecting a substantial financial portfolio.

Gold Reserves

  • With a reserve of $5,000 in gold, he adds precious metals to his diverse holdings.


  • A substantial inheritance of over $500,000 contributes to his overall wealth.

Luxury Watches

  • Stevewilldoit has six premium watches, demonstrating his taste for nice accessories.

Luxury Cars

  • Driving in style, he owns at least one luxury car, underscoring his affinity for high-end vehicles.

Loans & Liabilities

  • Stevewilldoit balances $2 million in debts and liabilities with a complex financial approach.

Crypto Investments

  • He invested $0.1 million in cryptocurrencies, showing a forward-thinking approach to digital assets.


  • Beyond crypto, Stevewilldoit holds investments worth $1 million, further diversifying his financial portfolio.

Taxes Paid

  • Stevewilldoit paid $3,50,000 in taxes to comply with his financial obligations.

Business Income

  • He earns $1,000,000 from several ventures, demonstrating his entrepreneurial success.

Other Income

  • Stevewilldoit makes an extra $20,000 from multiple sources, demonstrating his financial versatility.

This complete financial breakdown shows Steve Willdoit’s assets, investments, and income sources that make up his remarkable net worth.

How Does Stevewilldoit Make His Money?

Steve Will Do It’s substantial income is a result of his multifaceted approach to revenue generation, covering various avenues:

Social Media Influence:

Steve’s commanding presence on social media remains a cornerstone of his income. Despite facing a YouTube ban, he actively engages a vast audience on Instagram and Rumble. Renowned for his audacious challenges and stunts, Steve’s content garners millions of views, translating into significant earnings. Impressively, he boasts about 635,000 followers on Rumble and an impressive 3.6 million on Instagram, showcasing his far-reaching influence across platforms.

Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships

Collaborating with diverse brands, Steve leverages his massive following for promotional activities. Endorsements and sponsorships constitute a substantial portion of his income. Notably, he has ventured into sponsorships with online casino platforms, contributing significantly to his revenue. However, these partnerships also played a role in the ban on his YouTube channel, given the controversial nature of promoting gambling content.

Business Ventures

At the forefront of Steve’s entrepreneurial endeavors is the co-founding of the Happy Dad Hard Seltzer brand. This alcoholic beverage line has gained widespread popularity, contributing to his income. Additionally, alongside his NELK Entertainment colleagues, Steve played a pivotal role in establishing the Full Send Clothing line. Geared toward a dynamic and youthful audience, this brand has proven highly successful, adding a substantial layer to its business portfolio. Collaborating with NELK Entertainment, he’s also involved in selling branded merchandise, proving to be a lucrative venture for him and his team.

Investments in Luxury Cars and NFTs

Steve’s keen interest in luxury cars and NFTs has yielded substantial financial rewards. His collection, featuring high-value vehicles like Lamborghinis and McLarens, adds not only personal flair but strategic investment value.

Furthermore, his foray into NFTs has contributed to his overall income.

Digital Platforms and Content Creation

Steve easily migrated to Rumble, where he produces videos and earns a living, despite the YouTube restriction. His flexibility and dedication to content development show his resiliency in the ever-changing digital world.

Steve Will Do It’s outstanding income comes from social media influence, brand collaborations, successful business endeavors, savvy investments, and a constant dedication to content production across platforms.

Where Does Stevewilldoit Invest His Money

Steve Will Do It strategically allocates his funds across various ventures, showcasing a diverse investment portfolio:

Full Send Clothing Line

  1. Steve, along with his NELK Entertainment partners, co-founded the Full Send Clothing Line. This apparel brand embodies a lifestyle characterized by spontaneity and adventure, aligning seamlessly with Steve’s brand. The line has evolved into a symbol of youth culture, particularly popular among North American college students, representing a significant portion of Steve’s business endeavors.

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer

  • Leveraging his online fame and persona, Steve co-launched the Happy Dad Hard Seltzer, a prominent venture in the alcoholic beverage market. Happy Dad stands out with its unique flavors and clever marketing, often featuring Steve himself. This enterprise has become a notable contributor to his overall income and business portfolio.

Digital Assets and NFTs

  • Venturing into the digital realm, Steve has explored digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Collaborating with NELK Entertainment, he released a collection of NFTs that achieved remarkable success, swiftly selling out and significantly contributing to his revenue streams. This foray into the digital collectibles space underscores Steve’s forward-thinking approach and his ability to capitalize on emerging market trends.

Luxury Vehicles as Investments

  • Steve’s investment strategy extends to luxury vehicles, which goes beyond personal indulgence. His collection, featuring high-value cars like Lamborghinis and McLarens, serves as a strategic investment. Luxury cars are often appreciated, making this aspect of his portfolio not only a testament to his refined taste but also a shrewd financial move.

In essence, Steve Will Do It strategically diversifies his investments, spanning clothing lines, beverage ventures, digital assets, and luxury vehicles. This multifaceted approach not only aligns with his brand but also reflects his acumen in seizing opportunities across different markets.

Why is Steve Will Do It Famous?

SteveWillDoIt became famous on YouTube for his compelling challenge-based films and funny pranks. He is known for his boldness and willingness to take on audience challenges, making him a standout content developer.

SteveWillDoIt bravely tackles food challenges, performs outlandish exploits, and performs audience-pleasing comedies in his videos. His bold personality and captivating content have earned him millions of subscribers, making him a popular and beloved internet entertainer.


Amidst Deleonardis’s rise to online stardom, he hasn’t escaped the scrutiny that often accompanies fame. Notably, he faced criticism for promoting excessive drinking and revelry, with pop singer Demi Lovato being one of his vocal critics. In 2019, Deleonardis encountered legal trouble, having been arrested for disorderly conduct in Ohio.

Furthermore, his exuberant behavior has led to bans from multiple bars and clubs. These controversies highlight the challenges that can come with navigating the limelight.

Stevewilldoit Social Media Accounts

SteveWillDoIt has a large social media following:

YouTube   Click here4 million subscribers and 280 million views 
InstagramClick here3.7 million followers
Twitter  Click here533.3k followers
TiktokClick here1.1 million followers

YouTube: SteveWillDoIt entertains and attracts a wide audience with 4 million followers and 280 million views.

Instagram: Join SteveWillDoIt’s 3.7 million Instagram followers by clicking [here].

Twitter: Follow 533.3k-follower SteveWillDoIt on Twitter for his comments. Enter your Twitter link here to join the conversation.

TikTok: For bite-sized and engaging entertainment, SteveWillDoIt has 1.1 million TikTok followers. See his latest videos and trends here (TikTok link).

LinkedIn and Facebook: SteveWillDoIt doesn’t have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, but you may still enjoy his material on the sites where he discusses his travels and challenges.

Final Thoughts

As of 2023, SteveWillDoIt net worth of an estimated $5 million reflects his diverse online entertainment career. From his Instagram roots to YouTube stardom, SteveWillDoIt has shown courage and business expertise.

SteveWillDoIt has become a smart entrepreneur by diversifying his income streams with YouTube, brand endorsements, clothing sales, and strategic business endeavors like Full Send Clothing and Happy Dad Hard Seltzer. His luxury automobile, NFT, and cryptocurrency investments demonstrate his forward-thinking financial management.

SteveWillDoIt has survived problems and a YouTube ban owing to his inflammatory content, switching to Rumble to preserve his social media presence. He earns over $35,000 each month due to his content’s popularity and audience dedication.

SteveWillDoIt has delighted millions with his lively and adventurous personality and has shown his tenacity and adaptability in the ever-changing internet entertainment scene. SteveWillDoIt net worth will likely reflect his digital influence and success as he pushes boundaries and explores new projects.

FAQs about stevewilldoit net worth

1. What is SteveWillDoIt net worth in 2023?

Around $5 million is SteveWillDoIt net worth in 2023. YouTube, brand collaborations, merchandise sales, and commercial initiatives have made him rich.

2. What are SteveWillDoIt’s key revenue streams?

SteveWillDoIt makes money from YouTube, brand endorsements, clothing sales, and his businesses Full Send Clothing and Happy Dad Hard Seltzer. He also makes money via luxury automobile and NFT investments.

3. How much does SteveWillDoIt make monthly?

SteveWillDoIt potentially makes over $35,000 per month. His revenue comes from social media, brand sponsorships, and businesses.

4. What are SteveWillDoIt’s businesses?

SteveWillDoIt co-founded Full Send Clothing and Happy Dad Hard Seltzer. These ventures and NELK Entertainment partnerships boost his income and business portfolio.

5. Why is SteveWillDoIt banned from YouTube?

YouTube banned SteveWillDoIt for his problematic content, which included excessive drinking and gambling. He continued creating content on Rumble after the prohibition.

6. Is SteveWillDoIt dating?

SteveWillDoIt is dating Instagram model and influencer Celina Smith. They started dating in high school and are open about it on social media.

7. How Many Cars Does Steve Will Do It Own?

SteveWillDoIt has a large fleet of luxury cars, which may vary due to his fondness for buying, customizing, and gifting cars. He owns a Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Ferrari 458 Spider, and a rare McLaren. Steve’s collection is a display of his appreciation of luxury cars and a smart investment.

8. How does SteveWillDoIt diversify his income?

Social media power, brand sponsorships, Full Send Clothing, Happy Dad Hard Seltzer, luxury cars, and NFTs help SteveWillDoIt diversify his income. This strategy maintains revenue despite digital market volatility.

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