Caroline Stanbury Net Worth: A Closer Look at the Businesswoman and Reality TV Star’s Wealth

Caroline Stanbury net worth of approximately $30 million, is a renowned businesswoman and television personality. As one of the main characters in “Ladies of London,” she has also shaped reality TV, particularly with her role in “Real Housewife of Dubai.”

Caroline, from England, has charm and ease in front of the camera. Although she is English, she moved to Dubai to direct and play a major role in the Real Housewife of Dubai show.

NameCaroline Stanbury
Source of incomeBusinesswoman And Television Personality
Salary$3 Million +
Monthly Income$0.2 Million +
Net Worth$30 Million

Unexpected sources of her financial achievement demonstrate her adaptability. Creating a Bravo TV travel series paid her $15 million. This venture demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit and entertainment business success.

Caroline has an impact beyond directing and hosting reality TV. Some consider her a key figure who made the Real Housewife of Dubai possible. Her lifelong talent for captivating attention and leaving an enduring mark is evident.

She earns almost $3 million a year and $0.2 million monthly. Financial success and her charismatic screen personality demonstrate her natural ability to thrive in the spotlight.

Caroline Stanbury shows resilience, success, and a natural talent for entertainment. Born to be on screen, she continues to win hearts and break barriers, cementing her popularity as a businesswoman and TV personality.

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth Growth

Caroline Stanbury net worth has steadily increased throughout the years, demonstrating her financial success:

2018$21 Million
2019$22 Million
2020$23 Million
2021$25 Million
2022$27 Million
2023$30  Million

This steady rise reflects her entrepreneurial efforts and TV stardom, consolidating her place in business and entertainment.

Bio Summary

Full name Caroline Alice Stanbury
NicknameCaroline Stanbury
Birth date Apr 28, 1976
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
Age (As of 2023)47 years old
Zodiac SignTaurus
Ethnicity white 
Sexual Orientation:Straight
FatherAnthony Stanbury
MotherElizabeth Stanbury
SiblingsVictoria Elizabeth Sophie Stanbury, Alexander George Basil Stanbury, Edward Samuel Joseph Stanbury
Famous ForBeing a Businesswoman
SchoolWestonbirt School in Gloucestershire
EducationKings College London
ProfessionPersonal stylist and a famous entrepreneur

Caroline Stanbury’s Early Life

Caroline Stanbury Childhood

Caroline Alice Stanbury entered the world on April 28, 1976, in the vibrant city of London, England. Her parents, Anthony Stanbury, managing director of Jaeger high-end fashion, and Elizabeth Stanbury, cashmere knitwear designer, are wealthy. Elizabeth’s bond with Sue Ferguson, Major Ron’s second wife, and the landed Vestey family runs deep. Caroline has two brothers, Alex and Edward, and a sister, Victoria.

Caroline’s educational journey led her to the renowned Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire. Following her time there, she swiftly delved into the professional world, venturing into public relations, personal styling, and the luxury goods industry. This early exposure set the stage for her future endeavors in the realms of business and fashion.

Caroline Stanbury’s Physical appearance

Caroline Stanbury’s physical attributes contribute to her distinct presence:

Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlonde
Height5’7″, 167cm
Weight55Kg, 121lbs

Caroline Stanbury’s Family Is Rich

Caroline Stanbury Family

Caroline Stanbury’s family is wealthy, and her lifestyle on reality TV may have seemed posh. Stanbury discussed her aristocratic upbringing on Bravo’s Ladies of London in her debut. She became close to the Royals after growing up in boarding schools and palaces.

The extravagance continues. Her father, Anthony Stanbury, was a venture financier and managing director at luxury British fashion house Jaeger. Elizabeth, her mother, oversaw a knitwear firm and is part of Vestey Holdings, which is a true surprise. Vestey Holdings, a food business, with an estimated $800 million family net worth.

Caroline was raised in high society and attended debutante school, where she recalls the “ridiculous” courses. She says, “We even had a lesson on how to get in and out of a Porsche without flashing our knickers.” In her characteristic dry humor, she says, “But now, I do actually have a Porsche!”

According to several sources, Caroline Stanbury’s estimated $30 million net worth comes from these peeks into her opulent existence. Her background and humor make her captivating on reality TV and in high society and opulence.

Ladies of London: Caroline Stanbury’s Reality TV Stint

Caroline Stanbury graced the screens as a prominent member of the Bravo reality series, “Ladies of London.” This British version of “Real Housewives” followed six high-profile London ladies. A hit after its June 2014 launch, Bravo renewed it for a second season in March 2015, which premiered in September. The show renewed for a third season in April 2016 due to its success.

With the cancellation of “Ladies of London” in May 2017, the voyage took an unexpected turn. The show gave viewers a taste of high-society drama and splendor, even after its demise.

Caroline Stanbury’s brother Alex’s turbulent marriage to Sophie, Caroline’s best friend, was a major plotline. They divorced in 2016 after relationship issues. Sophie’s third-season role focused on Caroline and Sophie’s bond deteriorating.

“Ladies of London” showed the elegance and subtleties of women’s lives and revealed personal storylines that added drama and richness to reality TV. The show stands out in Caroline Stanbury’s television career.

Personal Life: A Journey of Love and Connections

Marital statusDivorced
MarriagesCem Habib (2004-2019, divorced); Sergio José Carrallo Pendás (2021-present)
ChildrenSons Aaron and Zac Habib, daughter Yasmine Habib
BoyfriendSergio Carrallo

Caroline Stanbury’s personal life is a tapestry of relationships and connections. After a marriage spanning from 2004 to 2019 with millionaire investment banker Cem Habib, the couple decided to part ways amicably. Despite their divorce, Caroline and Cem prioritize co-parenting their three children – sons Aaron and Zac Habib, and daughter Yasmine Habib. Their commitment to friendly co-parenting underscores a shared dedication to their children’s well-being.

Beyond her marital experiences, Caroline’s family has a history of mingling with royalty and celebrities. Her romantic relationships with Hugh Grant, Sylvester Stallone, and Prince Andrew have been rumored.

In 2021, a new chapter unfolded in Caroline’s love story. She became engaged to retired professional soccer player Sergio Carrillo. The union culminated in a lavish ceremony on December 18, 2021, in their residence in Dubai. The couple’s journey shows Caroline Stanbury’s vivid personal life as they celebrate love and commit to each other in a spectacular setting.

Life After Divorce: Caroline’s Evolution

Caroline Stanbury And Cem Habib

Since the debut of “Ladies of London” in 2014, Caroline Stanbury’s life has undergone a transformative journey. Once the queen of a bustling city, she now had a new perspective, spouse, and demeanor.

Caroline says life was chaotic during the “Ladies of London.” filming. Post-divorce, she attests to personal growth, stating, “I probably have become a better person, a nicer person.” This period of self-discovery allowed her to carve out more time for herself, a precious commodity she cherishes.

Far from slowing down, Caroline has embraced a busier lifestyle, paradoxically finding herself more successful than ever. The multifaceted entrepreneur has ventured into the realm of podcasting with “Divorced Not Dead,” where she undoubtedly shares insights from her own experiences. As a luxury brand ambassador, she continues to embody elegance and style, a testament to her unwavering presence in the world of sophistication.

Adding another dimension to her portfolio, Caroline recently launched a new shoe collection, showcasing her passion for fashion and design. Her Bravo bio paints a picture of a woman unafraid to explore new avenues and conquer new horizons.

Describing her current chapter as a “new life,” Caroline emphasizes its softer and less regimented nature. This shift in focus extends beyond the external world, with Caroline dedicating more time to herself. Her mantra echoes a newfound emphasis on personal well-being, where the narrative is “a lot less about everybody else and more about me.” This evolution paints a picture of Caroline Stanbury embracing change, finding success, and prioritizing her own happiness in this latest chapter of her life.

A New Love Story: Caroline’s Second Chapter

Caroline Stanbury And Sergio Carrallo

Caroline Stanbury’s romantic journey took a captivating turn after her initial introduction to “Ladies of London.” Previously married to financier Cem Habib, with whom she shares three children, the couple decided to part ways, finalizing their divorce in 2019.

Enter the newest leading man in Caroline’s life – the charming former Real Madrid soccer player, Sergio Carrallo, aged 27. The chemistry between them is evident, and the couple seems to be basking in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Caroline gleefully attests, “Married life is amazing, really.”

This union represents a fresh start for Caroline, showcasing the resilience to embrace love once again after a significant chapter in her life closed. The soccer player’s presence adds a dash of excitement and romance to Caroline’s narrative, and their shared journey promises to be a captivating tale of love and companionship.

Fashion Maven: Caroline’s Journey in Style

Caroline Stanbury Career

Caroline Stanbury’s venture into the world of fashion began with her role as a personal stylist, a path she not only embraced but excelled in. Even today, her flair for fashion remains undiminished. In a recent YouTube video, Caroline shared her expertise by demonstrating how to craft 20 stylish outfits from the simplest wardrobe pieces.

She started her own company.

The entrepreneurial spirit within Caroline led her to establish her own company, Gift Library. Notably, her father assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in this venture. Gift Library stood out as a luxury platform curating exquisite gifts for discerning clients. Unfortunately, the venture had to close its doors during Caroline’s time on “Ladies of London,” as reported by Bustle. While the exact financial success of Gift Library remains unclear, it was recognized for offering high-end items, catering to a clientele with a taste for luxury.

Caroline also makes shoes.

Caroline’s love for fashion evolved into a tangible expression with her shoe line, Black Suede Studio x Caroline Stanbury. This collection features a range of footwear, from pumps and sandals to boots and flats, each embodying the essence of sophistication. Caroline’s $300 strappy tan heels are sold at Nordstrom Rack, Revolve, and Nordstrom, demonstrating her accomplishment in the fashion industry.

Caroline’s career is a tribute to her enthusiasm and skill in fashion, from personal styling to developing her own brand and impacting the luxury shoe market.

The Extravagance of Caroline Stanbury’s Dubai Home

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio built a luxurious home in Dubai. The lavish home, shown via Bravo photos, has a pool, outside seats, and big pastel-colored rooms. The house is gorgeous, but its price is unknown.

Caroline’s new home in Dubai’s Al Barari luxury development shows her sophisticated taste and love of luxury. Bravo has revealed bits of the private residence’s splendor.

The newlywed Mrs. Sergio Carrallo on the show recounted her difficult route to homeownership in Dubai. Caroline admitted that buying a home in Dubai is a totally new ballgame. Notably, self-employed mortgages require a 30%–40% cash down payment. Dubai’s uniqueness makes property buying harder than in other countries.

Caroline Stanbury’s Dubai home symbolizes luxury and the complexities of real estate deals in the bustling metropolis, where magnificence has its own norms and challenges.

Caroline Stanbury’s Earnings from Real Housewives of Dubai: A Financial Enigma

The exact figure of Caroline Stanbury’s earnings from her stint on Real Housewives of Dubai remains shrouded in mystery. Despite being a prominent figure and essentially the face of the show, the specifics of her compensation are not entirely transparent. Caroline’s salary is believed to be high, like Nene Leakes’ $2.85 million each season, according to The Tab.

However, Caroline is not a program veteran like Nene Leakes, thus her earnings may be lower. Her Real Housewives of Dubai payment is unknown, leaving admirers and inquisitive spectators waiting. Caroline’s earnings are rumored in the entertainment industry because of her status as the show’s frontwoman.

Caroline’s Day Job Also Increases Her Wealth

Caroline Stanbury’s Gift Library, a luxury e-commerce business for affluent clients, was featured in the Ladies of London series. Despite its initial success, the Gift Library closed during the show’s third and final season. Stanbury was accused of misappropriating corporate funds, prompting investor withdrawals.

After the closure, Stanbury’s then-husband got a job in Dubai, so the family moved there. Caroline is an influencer and podcaster despite her wealth and privilege and marriage to wealthy partners.

Caroline Stanbury has graced Barclay Assets, Cosmesurge, Jacob & Co., and Apple. She is also considering establishing a hotel and investigating bitcoin. Caroline travels to luxury resorts with her husband as an influencer.

Caroline’s podcast shows a change in her wealth view despite her wealthy lifestyle. Her remarriage and changing view on life have changed her priorities from money to happiness.

Caroline Stanbury’s Social Media Accounts

Caroline Stanbury’s popularity extends to various social media platforms, where she commands a significant following:

TwitterAlmost 58.4K FollowersCheck Out
InstagramAlmost 688K FollowersCheck Out
YouTubeAlmost 14.2K FollowersCheck Out

In terms of real estate, Caroline Stanbury maintains a property in the East London area. She owns a $13 million villa in Dubai, her main real estate investment. Caroline has expressed her desire to spend her life in Dubai, expressing a profound connection to this bustling metropolis. The unfolding of this plan is uncertain, but for those intrigued by celebrity lifestyles, there’s more to come. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Caroline Stanbury and other notable figures.

Wrapping up

Caroline Stanbury net worth of $30 million shows her rise from affluence to success as a businesswoman and TV personality. Reality TV, a travel series, and commercial initiatives like Gift Library and a shoe line have contributed to her financial success.

Stanbury’s continuous net worth development shows her ability to navigate entertainment and business. Her rich upbringing, education, and connections laid the groundwork for her success.

Stanbury hosts a podcast, is a luxury brand ambassador, and starts new businesses despite Gift Library’s collapse. Her social media presence boosts her image and income.

Caroline Stanbury’s previous marriage to rich investment banker Cem Habib and her present marriage to former professional soccer star Sergio Carrallo has changed her life. She moved to Dubai and built a magnificent property in Al Barari, demonstrating her wealthy lifestyle.

Caroline Stanbury net worth shows her tenacity, adaptability, and success in business and entertainment as she pursues new chances and builds her brand. Her $30 million worth reflects her financial success and influence in luxury, fashion, and reality TV.

FAQs about Caroline Stanbury Net Worth

1. What is Caroline Stanbury’s current net worth?

As of 2023, Caroline Stanbury net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.

2. How did Caroline Stanbury get rich?

Caroline Stanbury became wealthy through business, television, and reality TV. She made a lot of money directing “Real Housewife of Dubai.” and launching a Bravo TV trip series.

3. How did Caroline Stanbury grow up?

Caroline Stanbury was born into a rich London family. Mother Elizabeth Stanbury ran a knitwear business, while father Anthony Stanbury was a venture financier. She was educated at Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire, reflecting her affluence.

4. Was Caroline Stanbury in any reality shows?

“Ladies of London,” a 2014–2017 Bravo reality show, starred Caroline Stanbury. She was also important in “Real Housewife of Dubai.”

5. How did Caroline Stanbury start her career?

PR, personal styling, and luxury products were Caroline Stanbury’s first jobs. She later founded Gift Library, which closed during “Ladies of London.”‘s third season.

6. What other businesses does Caroline Stanbury run?

In addition to Gift Library, Caroline Stanbury offers a shoe brand, “Black Suede Studio x Caroline Stanbury.” She hosts the “Divorced Not Dead” podcast and promotes premium brands.

7. Whom did Caroline Stanbury marry?

Caroline Stanbury has three children from her 2004–2019 marriage to rich investment banker Cem Habib. She married Sergio Carrallo, a retired soccer player, in 2021.

8. Does Caroline Stanbury have kids?

Caroline Stanbury has three children from her first marriage to Cem Habib: Yasmine, Aaron, and Zac.

9. Where does Caroline Stanbury currently reside?

She built a property in Dubai with Sergio Carrallo her second husband.

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