Pamela Frank: The Accomplished Violinist and Beloved Wife of Harry Belafonte

Pamela Frank Belafonte is a renowned American violinist. As a violinist and music educator, she is renowned in classical music. Before Harry Belafonte’s death on April 25, 2023, Pamela was his loving wife.

Pamela Frank

Pamela Frank won the Avery Fisher Prize in 1999 for her outstanding instrumental playing. She has held the Herbert R. and Evelyn Axelrod Chair in Violin Studies at the Curtis Institute of Music since 1996, in addition to her performing career. Since 2018, she has been an Adjunct Professor of Violin at USC’s Thornton School of Music.

Her longtime work at the Curtis Institute of Music and her recent role at USC demonstrate Pamela Frank’s dedication to her craft and music teaching. Outside the stage, she teaches future musicians.

Until his death, she and Harry Belafonte enjoyed a close relationship. They were content when Pamela joined him at public gatherings. In 2023, Pamela died, but her legacy in music and education lives on. For her artistic aptitude and dedication to music, Pamela Frank remains famous.

Who is Pamela Frank?

Pamela Frank is more secretive than her famed spouse Harry Belafonte. After three marriages and four children, Harry’s April 2008 marriage ended his love life. Although her personal life is unknown, Pamela was a professional photographer.

The happy couple attended many events during their 15-year marriage. After Harry’s health weakened, they kept a low profile despite his public profession. Harry Belafonte’s death on April 25, 2023, ended their relationship.

Harry’s personal life reflected his musical career, from his first marriage to Marguerite Byrd to his last with Pamela Frank. Harry and Pamela’s relationship may be unclear, but their journey together shows their close bond.

As the world mourns the “King of Calypso,” it’s heartwarming to know that his loving wife, Pamela, supported him in his final years. Their story shows how love and companionship can survive a spectacular life and profession.


Full/Real name Pamela Frank Belafonte
NicknamePamela Frank
Birth date June 20, 1967
BirthplaceNew York City, New York, USA
Age (As of 2023)56 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherPianist Claude Frank
MotherLilian Kallir
Marital statusMarried
SpouseHarry Belafonte
Famous ForThe third wife of Harry Belafonte
EducationMusic Academy of the West
Professionviolinist,music pedagogue
Years active1988–present

Pamela Frank Early life and education

Pamela Frank Childhood

Pamela Frank, a gifted violinist, was born in New York City on June 20, 1967. Pamela was raised by Claude Frank and Lilian Kallir, famous pianists. She is a notable violinist for her extensive repertoire, collaborations with many orchestras, and instrumental music contributions, which have earned her the Avery Fisher Prize.

Famous violinist Pamela Frank is among Popular Bio’s most popular celebs. Pamela studied the Givens Method under Shirley Givens, unlike her peers who started with the Suzuki Method in childhood.

Pamela improved her talents in the Music Academy of the West summer conservatory in 1983 and 1984. In 1985, she performed at Carnegie Hall with Alexander Schneider and the New York String Orchestra, launching her career.

Pamela Frank’s violin career shows her technical skill and determination to innovate in classical music. With a distinguished career, Pamela continues to influence instrumental music.

Pamela Frank age when she saw King Of Calypso last time

Pamela Frank saw Harry Belafonte, the “King of Calypso,” die. Harry, who made an unforgettable effect on 1950s pop charts and broke racial barriers with his folk music, died on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at his Upper West Side Manhattan residence.

Ken Sunshine, Harry Belafonte’s longtime spokesperson, said congestive heart failure killed him. Early tributes included Oprah Winfrey calling Harry a “trailblazer and hero to us all.” She thanked him on Instagram with meaningful words and photos for his music, creativity, activism, and daring struggle for civil rights and justice.

Harry Belafonte, 96, touched countless lives. He died aged 55, and his wife Pamela Frank witnessed it. As the world mourns Harry Belafonte, Pamela’s final moments with him remind us of his effect on music, civil rights, and others’ lives.

Pamela Frank before becoming famous

Before gaining fame, Pamela Frank, born under the Zodiac sign Gemini in 1967, and also falling under the Chinese Zodiac year of the Goat, embarked on her musical journey. Under the guidance of Shirley Givens and her self-named teaching method, Pamela honed her skills. At the age of eighteen, she achieved a significant milestone by making her debut performance with the New York String Orchestra at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. These early experiences marked the beginning of Pamela Frank’s musical odyssey.

Pamela Frank Husband Harry Belafonte

Harold George Belafonte Jr. was born in New York City on March 1, 1927. His parents, Caribbean immigrants, struggled while his father worked as a merchant ship cook and left the family when Harry was young. His mother worked as a dressmaker and housekeeper.

Harry’s childhood was spent in Jamaica, his mother’s birthplace, where he experienced English tyranny of Black people. The encounter stayed with him. Harry moved back to Harlem with his mother in 1940. Harry was often taken care of while his mother worked hard due to poverty.

Harry said in an interview, “My childhood was the hardest. I was loved by my mother but also suffered since I was alone.” This insight inside Harry Belafonte’s early life shows his adversity and resilience, which would define his exceptional life.

Harry Belafonte’s first marriage to Marguerite Byrd

Harry Belafonte married Marguerite Byrd before his musical success. The pair married in 1949, starting their voyage. Details regarding Marguerite, the singer’s ex-wife, are scarce.

Marguerite briefly appeared in 1953’s ‘Night of the Quarter Moon.’ Unfortunately, nothing is known about her life after marrying Harry. Their story ended in 1957 when they split.

Shari and Adrienne were Harry and Marguerite’s daughters. Adrienne appeared in her father’s 2011 documentary ‘Sing Your Song.’ She also launched the Anir Foundation, which promotes cultural understanding through volunteering.

Shari became a singer and actor, appearing in ‘The Player’ and ‘Hotel.’ Joan Collins’ 2013 memoir ‘Passion For Life’ alleged an affair between her and Harry during the filming of ‘Island In The Sun.’ Harry’s split from Marguerite is private.

Collins said Harry mesmerised her with provocative eyes on set. This secret love affair took place in her flat. Harry returned to his wife and Collins moved forward after realising they needed to regulate their relationship. The episode complicates Harry Belafonte’s personal life by examining stardom, relationships, and spotlight issues.

Harry Belafonte’s second marriage to Julie Robinson

Harry Belafonte’s second marriage to Julie Robinson lasted over 47 years until their 2004 divorce. The pair married in 1957, starting a major chapter in their life.

In 1954, Julie Robinson turned to acting in ‘Mambo’ after performing and dancing. Her film roles continued with ‘A Safe Place’ in 1971 and ‘Lust For Life’ in 1956. Robinson co-starred with her husband in 1952’s ‘Buck and the Preacher.’

Harry Belafonte and Julie have two children, Gina, 61, and David, 65. Gina followed her parents’ artistic path and became an actress. She starred in 2018’s profound ‘BlacKkKlansmen.’

Harry’s son David tried modelling and acting in the 1990s. His LinkedIn bio states that he heads the Belafonte Family Foundation, demonstrating his dedication to their heritage.

Harry Belafonte’s second marriage celebrates a longtime collaboration and Julie Robinson and their children’s artistic and familial contributions to the entertainment business and beyond.

Pam Frank was Harry Belafonte’s third and Last wife.

Harry Belafonte married Pamela Frank, a skilled photographer, in 2008, but she kept their relationship covert. Even though their relationship is private, Pamela and Harry have walked the Hollywood red carpet together many times.

Harry’s New York house companion Pamela Frank supported him till his death. They were loving grandparents to Harry’s extended family’s grandchildren despite not having children.

Harry Belafonte’s third marriage to Pamela Frank highlights their privacy, love, and shared experiences.

What was Harry Belafonte’s cause of death?

Harry Belafonte, a popular musician, civil rights leader, and EGOT winner, died peacefully at 96 at his New York City home on April 25, 2023. According to The Washington Post, his spokesman Ken Sunshine said congestive heart problems killed him.

Fans and industry peers mourned his demise on social media. Rapper Ice Cube said Harry Belafonte was more than a singer or actor and will be missed. Another fan mourned Belafonte’s unusual blend of grit, charisma, and integrity, which made him a beloved star on screen and in hearts. This astonishing figure’s global influence is predicted to last.

Pamela Frank Has Four Stepchildren.

Harry Belafonte and Pamela Frank have been happily married for nearly a decade. Pamela is Harry’s stepmother to his four children from previous marriages, even though they have no children together. This includes Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer, Shari, David, and Gina.

Children of Harry and Marguerite (his first wife), Adrienne and Shari have succeeded. Death struck Marguerite in 1998. Harry’s second wife Julie’s children David and Gina also help the family succeed.

The Belafonte children are successful in life and work. Their journeys include marriage and parenthood. Maria, Sarafina, and Amadeus Belafonte, Harry’s grandkids, expand the family tapestry.

Pamela Frank and Harry Belafonte share joy and camaraderie despite not having biological children. Their lasting relationship and love for their extended family suggest their happiness will continue.

Achievement of Pamela Frank

Musician Pamela Frank has had a distinguished career. She has taught at Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Institute, Curtis Institute of Music, and SUNY Stony Brook.

Avery Fisher Prize winner Pamela Frank was honored for her instrumental music achievements in 1999. This award is one of the highest for American instrumentalists, recognizing her brilliance and significance in classical music.

Pamela Frank Net worth

As of 2020, Pamela Frank’s estimated net worth is $7 million, mostly from her violin and music pedagogy work. While her automobiles, lifestyle, and income are not well recorded, Wikipedia, Google Search, and Yahoo Search have contributed to this estimate. As more information on Pamela Frank’s lifestyle and income becomes available, please stay tuned.

Pamela Frank Social Media

You can connect with Pamela Frank on her social media platforms:

InstagramClick here
FacebookClick here
TwitterClick here

Feel free to follow her and stay updated on her latest updates and engagements.

FAQs about pamela frank

1. Who is Pamela Frank?

Born in New York City on June 20, 1967, Pamela Frank is a famous violinist and music educator. She received the 1999 Avery Fisher Prize for her instrumental music contributions. Harry Belafonte’s third wife is Pamela.

2. What are Pamela Frank’s musical accomplishments?

The 1999 Avery Fisher Prize capped Pamela Frank’s musical career. Her extensive repertoire and work with orchestras have made her a classical music star. Pamela holds the Herbert R. and Evelyn Axelrod Chair in Violin Studies at the Curtis Institute of Music and is an Adjunct Professor of Violin at USC’s Thornton School of Music.

3. How did Pamela Frank meet Harry Belafonte?

The information does not reveal how Pamela Frank met Harry Belafonte. Despite maintaining a secluded existence, the pair attended many occasions together after marrying in April 2008, demonstrating their deep and lasting relationship.

4. Is Pamela Frank’s personal life known?

Before marrying Harry Belafonte, Pamela Frank’s personal life remains unknown. Howard Nelson is her husband since January 13, 2024. Whether she had children is unknown, although she is Harry Belafonte’s stepmother to his four children from prior marriages.

5. When and why did Harry Belafonte die?

At 96, Harry Belafonte died on April 25, 2023. He died of congestive heart failure, according to his longtime spokesperson, Ken Sunshine.

6. What is Pamela Frank’s estimated wealth?

Pamela Frank is expected to be worth $7 million in 2020. Information regarding her salary, lifestyle, and assets is lacking.

7. Does Pamela Frank use social media?

Pamela Frank uses social media. Her accounts include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These venues provide updates about her life and profession.


Pamela Frank is a diverse and competent classical musician. She is the daughter of famous pianists Claude Frank and Lilian Kallir, born June 20, 1967, in New York City. Pamela became a famous violinist and music pedagogue after choosing the violin.

Her diverse repertoire and orchestral collaborations earned her the 1999 Avery Fisher Prize for her excellent musicianship. Pamela Frank’s work at the Curtis Institute of Music and USC’s Thornton School of Music demonstrate her dedication to music education.

In addition to her career, Pamela Frank is noted for her marriage to Harry Belafonte. Harry died of congestive heart failure on April 25, 2023, after 15 years of marriage. While attending events together and showing their strong and lasting relationship, the pair kept their personal lives private.

Pamela Frank’s legacy is enhanced by her passion to her profession and her support of Harry Belafonte. Though her personal life is secret, Pamela Frank’s reputation in classical music and Harry Belafonte’s legacy endure. Pamela represents resilience, enthusiasm, and artistic greatness throughout her career and life.

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