Mary Lee Harvey: From Makeup Artist to Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife

An American businesswoman, novelist, and cosmetics artist Mary Lee Harvey (née Shackleford) has succeeded. Steve Harvey, an American television personality, comedian, actor, writer, and producer, was her ex-husband. Mary Lee has decided to live a quieter life after her difficult divorce from the comedian.

Many wonder where Mary Lee is and if she’s married again since leaving Steve. Life information about Mary Lee before her marriage to the comedian are unknown. Her life, schooling, and employment before Steve Harvey are unknown. Only after meeting the TV host and comedian did she gain fame.

Mary Lee, who believes “Behind every great man is a great woman,” has talked about her early days with Steve Harvey for years. She reportedly supported him before he became a global star. We may not know much about Mary Lee besides being Steve’s ex-wife.

To further comprehend Mary Lee Harvey, her marriage to Steve Harvey, and their divorce, read this article. We hope to illuminate Mary Lee’s life beyond the publicised connection and provide a more complete picture of her accomplishments.

Who Is Mary Lee Harvey?

Mary Lee Harvey

Professional makeup artist Mary Lee Harvey, born on October 20, 1960, in Texas, worked in the 80s and 90s. Her childhood and family are unknown, but her career is well-documented. She hint at a troubled relationship with her parents, notably her father, in a YouTube video.

Mary recalls, “Coming from my childhood and from my father’s house, which was never pleasant for me, I was looking for that relationship that I never had, even with my father.” This insight into her past suggests early familial struggles.

Mary Lee Harvey is well known for her relationship with Steve Harvey, her ex-husband, despite her problems. Wynston was born after their nine-year marriage, which was full of ups and downs.

Mary’s journey from cosmetic artist to high-profile relationship shows her tenacity and strength despite personal tragedies.

Quick Information About Mary Lee Harvey 

Full/Real name Mary Lee Shackelford 
NicknameMary Lee Harvey 
Birth date 20 October 1960 
Birth dayThursday
BirthplaceArlington, Texas, United States 
Age (As of 2023)63 years old
Zodiac SignLibra 
Ethnicity African-American 
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherWilliam Harrison Harvey 
MotherMartha J. Sharp
SiblingsSister: Ruth Vaughan Littrell, Lois Vaughn Glover, Nancy, EstherBrother: Jerry VaughnHalf-sister: Jo Ann WilliamsHalf-brother: Leonardo Vaughn Jr.And More
EducationDelhi High School 
ProfessionMake-up artist, author 
Net worth$500,000

Mary Lee Harvey’s Childhood and Education

Mary Lee Harvey Childhood

Steve Harvey, an American television personality, comedian, actor, author, and producer, married Mary Lee Harvey (Mary Shackelford). She is 63, a Libra born in Arlington, Texas, on October 20, 1960.

Mary was youngest of eight siblings in a huge household. She started singing in church at 12 because she loved music. She became a professional singer from this love. She married Steve Harvey after pursuing music, fashion, and design.

Mary Lee Harvey kept a modest profile despite marrying a celebrity. She kept her parents’ and childhood facts private. However, she said in an interview that she was raised in a large family of ten. Apparently, Mary graduated from Delhi High School.

Mary’s journey from a musical youth to a career in fashion and design shows her multifaceted life before and after her marriage to Steve Harvey.

Mary Lee Harvey’s Physical Appearance

Eye colorDark brown 
Hair colorBlack 
Height5’7″, 170cm
Weight65Kg, 143lbs
Body TypeChubby

Mary Lee Harvey has unusual traits that make her look unique. She is 5’7″ and weighs 65kg (143lbs), maintaining a balanced presence. Her unique dark brown eyes and black hair make her look interesting.

These information from Mary Lee Harvey’s Wikipedia article reveal her physical traits, revealing her uniqueness. This article will investigate what makes her appearance notable and what defines her unique presence.

The Career of Mary Lee Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey Career

Mary Lee Harvey showcased her makeup artistry in the 1980s. She dedicated herself to this job in the late 80s and early 90s. After her mid-1990s marriage, her career was unclear.

Mary Lee Harvey has kept her life private since her divorce. The public knows nothing about her post-divorce life.

Mary met her future husband, Steve Harvey, in an Arlington, Texas mall in the late 1980s. Notably, she was actively working as a makeup artist during this time, adding an interesting layer to their initial connection. We’ll investigate Mary Lee Harvey’s job and its effects on her life.

Mary Lee Harvey Family

Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseSteve Harvey (1996-2005)
ChildrenSon: Wynton Harvey 

Mary Lee Harvey said she was part of a 10-child household. On June 21, 1996, she married Steve Harvey, an American television host, actor, and comedian.

Mary and Steve married after seven years after knowing each other for nearly a decade. Mary supported Steve as he rose in his job, making their marriage seem successful.

Wynton, their son, strengthened their family. Many were surprised when the couple divorced in 2005 after nearly a decade. The aftermath of the divorce was marked by a contentious legal battle, as Harvey pursued a $60 million appeal against his ex-wife. The allegations included charges of child endangerment, torture, plot against rights, kidnapping, murder, violations of contract, and international imposition of emotional distress.

The divorce proceedings turned messy, with both parties fighting for custody of their son. Mary Lee Harvey took to YouTube, sharing videos to garner support from fans and shedding light on allegations of psychological and physical mistreatment by Harvey. In response, Harvey secured a legal injunction against Mary, accompanied by a gag order preventing her from discussing case details publicly.

Despite the legal restrictions, Mary Lee Harvey breached the court order in 2013, leading to her arrest. During an interview with Fox4 News, she asserted her innocence, stating, “I did not infringe any court orders. That’s what they are saying. I’m like, this is America.” Unfortunately, the court’s decision did not favor Mary, resulting in the loss of custody of her son.

The intricate details of this tumultuous divorce, including legal battles and personal struggles, unfolded against the backdrop of a publicized celebrity marriage.

Steve and Mary Lee Harvey’s Love Story

Mary Lee Harvey And Steve Harvey

Former couple’s journey began in 1989 in Arlington, Texas. Steve Harvey was a rising stand-up comedian. They met and fell in love at first sight.

Mary and Steve brought their children from prior marriages to their new partnership. Unfortunately, Mary Harvey’s former children are unknown. However, Steve had two daughters, Brandi and Karli, and a son, Broderick Harvey Jr.

The couple married in 1996. Steve divorced Marcia Harvey in 1993 before this marriage. Like Steve and Lee Vaughn, Steve and Mary Lee Harvey had a son together. Wayton, Mary Lee Harvey’s son, was born July 18, 1997.

Their marriage had hardships like any other, demonstrating the intricacies of relationships. The details of Mary Lee and Steve Harvey’s love story—connection, blended families, and public life—will emerge as we explore.

The Divorce Saga

The world was shocked when Mary Lee and Steve Harvey ended their 17-year marriage in 2005. A claim of infidelity was the main cause of the separation. Mary said Steve had an affair with Marjorie Bridge during their marriage.

Mary turned to YouTube for support after their divorce as the focus switched to child custody. In her recordings, she accused Steve of infidelity and physical and mental abuse.

Steve was fed up with these charges and sued for slander. He called her assertions fake because there was no evidence. Steve’s meteoric rise to fame, which Mary found intolerable, contributed to the divorce.

Steve won custody of their child, but Mary took Steve’s home and earned a $40,000 monthly welfare allowance for four years. The divorce was complicated, involving personal problems, legal battles, and public relationship issues.

Mary Lee Harvey sued her ex-husband for torture.

Mary Lee Harvey sued her ex-husband Steve Harvey in 2017 in a brave move for justice. Mary’s choice of civil rights leader Essie Berry as her attorney showed the gravity of her claims. Entertainment Tonight said that the complaint included “soul murdering.”

Mary accused the perpetrators of torture, child endangerment, kidnapping, emotional anguish, harassment, and more. E! News claimed that she stated that “soul murder is achieved by a combination of torture, deprivation, and brainwashing,” in her filing. The lawsuit sought to expose Mary’s significant emotional impact from their public divorce.

Mary accused Steve of intentionally upsetting her relationship with their son, Wynton Harvey, and creating significant economic losses in addition to her mental health issues. She demanded $60 million for her purported suffering. Before filing the complaint, Mary openly wanted Steve to be punished.

After their divorce, the court struggle explored their relationship, the emotional toll, and the need for reparation.

2011: Legal Clash 

Steve Harvey sued Mary Lee Harvey for contempt and defamation in 2011 after their divorce. Mary posted multiple YouTube videos accusing Steve of leaving her homeless, turning their kid against her, and manipulating the courts.

Mary added that Steve’s infidelity caused their divorce. She claimed Steve cheated on her with his third wife, Marjorie Harvey, while married. Mary provided emails she claimed to have intercepted between Steve and Marjorie in these videos.

Mary’s claims were refuted by divorce court documents. Steve may address Mary’s allegations after a judge removed a gag order on the divorce dispute.

Although Mary claimed impoverishment, court documents showed that she acquired three of Steve Harvey’s properties in the divorce settlement. In March 2009, Steve paid her $1.5 million after paying her $40,000 monthly since the divorce.

Steve Harvey strongly denied Mary’s claim that he withheld their kid. Instead, the court filings showed that she secretly flew their son to Steve. Steve sued Mary for contempt and defamation for violating the gag order banning divorce discussions. This judicial case revealed their post-divorce conflicts.

2013: Mary Lee Harvey Arrested

Source: Youtube

In a legal showdown, Steve Harvey emerged victorious in 2013. Mary Lee Harvey faced the consequences of contempt of court and defamation, resulting in a 30-day stint behind bars. The legal system imposed this penalty as a response to her actions during the legal proceedings, marking a significant chapter in their post-divorce disputes.

2018: Steve Harvey Sued for $60 Million by Mary Lee Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey returned to the public eye by suing Steve Harvey for $60 million 13 years after their divorce. She charged him with child endangerment, torture, and “soul murder.” Mary said her 2005 public divorce left her depressed and considering suicide.

Steve Harvey’s lawyer slammed the claim as “meritless, frivolous,” and “completely false.” The former spouses’ legal fights ended when a judge dismissed the case despite spectacular charges. The courtroom drama showed their post-divorce relationship’s complications.

Steve Harvey Rejects Explosive Claims

Through his attorney, Brandon R. Williams, comedian Steve Harvey denied Mary Lee Harvey’s claim. Williams told ET that Mary’s accusations were “meritless [and] frivolous” and that they would fight them in court.

Despite the spectacular legal struggle, the lawsuit failed. TMZ reported in 2018 that the judge rejected the case for jurisdictional reasons. The legal battle stemmed from the couple’s divorce in Texas, where Steve and Mary met. The lawsuit was unsuitable for court.

Steve’s legal attorney told ET that the “Family Feud” host had no more comments. Recent updates show Mary has not re-filed her Texas complaint. Steve married Marjorie Harvey in 2007 and resumed his profession. The courtroom drama illuminates their post-divorce relationship and legal challenges.

Mary Lee Harvey Salary and Net Worth

Source: Youtube

Mary Lee Harvey’s estimated net worth is $500,000, including her properties and businesses. Since she has kept a low profile in the media, her present career, relationships, and other details are unknown.

In contrast, Steve Harvey’s first ex-wife, Marcia Harvey, has succeeded professionally. Post their separation, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife received an adjustment and welfare care of $40,000 monthly for four months as part of the divorce settlement. Notably, she acquired three of Steve Harvey’s homes through the legal proceedings. The financial landscape post-divorce offers a glimpse into the divergent paths the former spouses have taken in their respective lives.

Disobeying Court Orders

The 56-year-old was barred from discussing divorce after disobeying court orders. Her divorce discontent led to her incarceration.

She stated, “I violated no court orders. Do not discuss your divorce. Indeed, they mean that. I believe this is America.” Despite protests, she was imprisoned and released a year later.

Her legal woes were compounded when the judge revoked her monthly welfare care payment for violating the court order. This sequence highlights the legal consequences of her divorce outspokenness and court direction conflict.

Where is Mary Harvey today?

After her stressful divorce, Mary lives in Texas and keeps a low profile. Her personal life, including romances, is unknown. Steve Harvey, her ex-husband, married Marjorie Bridges in 2007.

After Steve Harvey divorced his first wife, Mary Harvey entered the spotlight. Their 2005 divorce ended their marriage. Mary has kept her present affairs private since then.

Social Media Presence 


Mary Lee Harvey interacts with her audience on Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram, @marjorie_harvey, shows her digital presence. She announced her next Netflix miniseries on Instagram, revealing her current tasks and interests.

Mary has posted daily life shots on Twitter under @msharveyisback for years. She used social media to connect with her fans at difficult periods like her divorce. Her blogs and tweets reveal her personal and professional life, making social media an important element of her public communication.

Final Thoughts

Mary Lee Harvey’s life is dramatic, spanning success, celebrity marriage, and post-divorce struggles. Mary, from 1960 Arlington, Texas, became a prominent 1980s makeup artist. The ugly divorce and infidelity charges from her nearly decade-long marriage to comedian Steve Harvey made her famous.

After marrying Steve Harvey in the mid-1990s, Mary’s makeup business became less public. Mary sued Steve for $60 million, alleging torture, child endangerment, and emotional suffering, after their divorce. Judge threw out the case.

Mary Lee Harvey has lived in Texas and rarely appeared in public since her divorce. The divorce settlement properties add to her $500,000 net worth. She posts on Instagram and Twitter but keeps her personal life private.

Mary Lee Harvey’s narrative illustrates the complications of celebrity relationships, court issues, and public life. Mary’s celebrity marriage and post-divorce path remains intriguing as she lives a more private existence.

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