Sherry Aon Age, Bio, Height, Career, Husband, Daughter, And Many More

Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez’s story began in their high school days, leading to their marriage in 2012 and the joy of parenthood with their child. Despite being married to a famous actor, Sherry values her privacy and prefers to stay away from social media.

While Sherry keeps a low profile, her relationship with Rick sparks curiosity. She chooses to lead a quiet life, which is a contrast to Rick’s career in the spotlight. This balance allows them to maintain their individuality while navigating the demands of public attention and personal life.

Who is Sherry Aon?

Who is Sherry Aon?
Sherry Aon

Sherry Aon, born in 1979 in New York, comes from a rich heritage of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent. Her life has been a journey fueled by a deep passion for the arts, culminating in her graduation from Manhattan’s prestigious High School of the Performing Arts. However, Sherry’s story isn’t about seeking fame or the spotlight; it’s a narrative that celebrates the strength of love and unwavering support.

Sherry’s path first crossed with Rick Gonzalez, an American actor and singer, during their formative high school years. Little did they know that their initial connection would blossom into a profound and enduring love story. Their journey together took a significant turn in 2011 when they exchanged vows, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Their family grew even more joyful with the arrival of their daughter, Skylar Gonzalez, in 2013.

Beyond her roles as Rick’s wife and Skylar’s mother, Sherry Aon is a woman of remarkable depth and diversity. She boasts a background as a former model, having graced campaigns for renowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein. However, Sherry’s impact extends far beyond the realm of fashion. She is a dedicated fitness enthusiast, a passionate music lover, an advocate for important social causes, and a staunch believer in the importance of privacy.

Personal Information About Sherry Aon

Full/Real name Sherry Aon Gonzalez
NicknameSherry Aon
Birth date 1979
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Age (As of 2023)44 years old
Zodiac SignUnknown
Ethnicity Mixed (African-American)
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherTony Cass
MotherUpdate soon
SiblingsUpdate soon
Marital statusMarried
SpouseRick Gonzalez
ChildrenDaughter: Skylar Gonzalez
Famous ForBeing the romantic partner of Rick Gonzalez
EducationCity University of New York, degree in social work

Sherry Aon age

Sherry Aon age

Since Sherry Aon’s age is 44 as she was born in 1979. Her appearance suggests she was born in the 1980s, however this is unconfirmed. Also missing is Sherry’s family history. Tony Cass is her father, but her mother and siblings remain unknown. Sherry is an African American woman with distinct physical traits and a mixed background.
Sherry has not mentioned her educational background, therefore it is unknown if she attended college or in what field. Her personal life remains largely private, leaving much to speculation and curiosity.

Sherry Aon Physical Features

Sherry Aon Physical Features
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBrown
Height5’4″, 162cm
Weight50-55 kg

Sherry Aon has black eyes and brown hair. She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 centimeters) and weighs between 50 to 55 kilograms.

Family Life and Residence of Sherry Aon

Family Life and Residence of Sherry Aon
Family Life and Residence of Sherry Aon

Sherry Aon, along with her husband Rick Gonzalez and their 9-year-old daughter Skylar, has found a home in Hidden Hills, California. This serene location serves as the backdrop for their family adventures and cherished moments.

In a recent video, Sherry, Rick, and Skylar were featured in a paid partnership advertisement for Eternity For Men Calvin Klein cologne. This fragrance, designed for men, holds special meaning for them, showcasing how they seamlessly blend family moments with their public roles.

The Aon-Gonzalez family enjoys privacy and serenity in Hidden Hills. They make memories and escape the entertainment industry and public life there.

Sherry keeps a minimal profile on social media to safeguard her family’s privacy and cherish their memories. It emphasizes her ideals and the significance of keeping intimate family moments in a world that demands attention.
As we examine Sherry Aon’s life, we’ll learn about her Hidden Hills, California family’s unique moments and experiences.

Sherry Aon Married with Rick Gonzalez

 Sherry Aon Married with Rick Gonzalez

Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez became husband and wife in 2012, surrounded by their closest friends and family in a private ceremony. Their journey to marriage was filled with love and closeness, as they had already built a strong relationship while dating.

Despite their fame, Sherry and Rick have kept many details of their wedding and relationship private, including when and where they first met. However, it’s known that their love story began during their high school years, laying the foundation for their future together.

On Mother’s Day, Rick took to social media to celebrate Sherry, reminiscing about their early encounters. He fondly remembered Sherry’s initial attitude, which intrigued him and drew him closer. Despite facing challenges and disagreements early on, their love blossomed as they opened up to each other.

Rick praised Sherry for her unwavering strength and commitment to their family, especially during tough times. He sees her as his rock, always putting their happiness first. Sherry’s dedication to Rick and their daughter reflects the deep bond they share, a testament to their enduring love.

Skylar Gonzalez: Sherry Aon Duaghter

Skylar Gonzalez: Sherry Aon Duaghter
Skylar Gonzalez

Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez are proud parents to their daughter, Skylar Gonzalez. Skylar was born on July 26, 2013, making her ten years old now. Despite rumors or desires for more children, Sherry and Rick are content with their family of three.

Living their best life in the United States, the couple cherishes their time together. Rick often expresses how his wife and daughter are his world, and he wouldn’t trade them for anything. Their bond as a family is strong, and they are happy just the way they are.

Occupation of Sherry Aon

Occupation of Rick Gonzalez's Wife

Sherry Aon’s occupation and professional background remain undisclosed, adding to the mystery surrounding her life. The lack of information about her educational and career history makes it difficult to trace her job path. Despite marrying Rick Gonzalez and being a loving mother, Sherry prefers a solitary life off social media. Her low profile has highlighted their family of three and their bond.
Sherry’s privacy shows her devotion to her family despite her husband’s success. Sherry gives their daughter, Skylar, and Rick her whole attention as Rick’s career takes center stage. Her choice to choose family over profession shows her values and dedication to their happiness.

Sherry Aon: A Life of Influence and Inspiration

Sherry Aon: A Life of Influence and Inspiration
  1. New York City Roots: Sherry Aon was born in the bustling city of New York, adding a layer of richness to her diverse background.
  2. Dominican-Puerto Rican Heritage: Her heritage is a beautiful mix of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, shaping her cultural identity.
  3. Education at Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts: Sherry’s formative years were spent at Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts, sparking her love for the arts.
  4. Early Modeling Career: In the early 2000s, Sherry ventured into the world of modeling, leaving a lasting impression in the fashion industry.
  5. Iconic Campaigns: She graced campaigns for renowned brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein, showcasing her modeling talent.
  6. Love Story with Rick Gonzalez: Sherry’s romantic journey with Rick Gonzalez blossomed during their modeling days, creating a strong bond between them.
  7. Motherhood: Their joy knew no bounds when they welcomed their daughter, Skylar Gonzalez, into the world in 2013.
  8. Champion of Privacy: Sherry values her privacy, opting to keep her focus on family and personal experiences rather than seeking the limelight.
  9. Advocacy for Social Causes: Using her platform, Sherry advocates for causes close to her heart, including child poverty and education, inspiring many.
  10. Intelligence and Impact: Sherry Aon’s life reflects intelligence, success, and a deep-seated commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

These facts offer a glimpse into the multifaceted life of Sherry Aon, showcasing her as a woman of substance and influence. Her journey is a testament to the power of determination, love, and the pursuit of meaningful endeavors.

Sherry Aon Husband Career

Sherry Aon Husband Career
Rick Gonzalez

Rick Gonzalez, a famous actor and singer, was born in New York City on June 30, 1979, of Dominican and Puerto Rican origin. Gonzalez found a fascination for the performing arts as a child in the dynamic metropolis, dazzling his family with impromptu theatrical shows.

He polished his craft at the High School of Performing Arts before entering the entertainment industry. In 1998, he debuted on “Thicker Than Blood” in New York as Sanchez. Two years later, he made his film debut as Ricky in “Mambo Cafe.”

Gonzalez’s career has developed over the past two decades, including major film and TV performances. He is most known for playing Timo Cruz in “Coach Carter,” Ben Gonzalez in “Reaper,” and Naps in “Roll Bounce.” His 2016–2020 role as Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog in “Arrow” secured his career. He played Nunez in “The Lost Symbol” and Bobby Reyes in “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” In 2017, he played Papers in “Deuces,” impressing spectators.

Aside from acting, Gonzalez is also a talented musician. He released his mixtape, “The Invisible Man,” presented by DJ G-Spot, on May 24, 2011. The title reflects his struggles in the music industry, where he felt overlooked and invisible after facing rejection for nearly seven years. Despite these challenges, Gonzalez’s passion for music remains strong, as showcased by his collaboration with Sean Price on the album “Mic Tyson,” released on October 30, 2012.

Interesting Facts About Sherry Aon’s Husband Rick Gonzalez

Interesting Facts About Sherry Aon’s Husband Rick Gonzalez

Rick Gonzalez, known for his roles in films and TV shows, has made a lasting impact in the entertainment industry. His journey as an actor and singer has been marked by compelling performances and a commitment to creating meaningful content.

Versatile Performer: Rick Gonzalez has portrayed a variety of memorable characters in movies and TV series, earning praise from critics and gaining a dedicated fan following. Some of his notable roles include:

  • “Coach Carter” (2005): He portrayed Timo Cruz, a talented basketball player dealing with anger issues, in this acclaimed sports drama.
  • “Old School” (2003): His role as Spanish, a charismatic fraternity member, added humor and charm to this comedy classic.
  • “Reaper” (2007-2009): Gonzalez starred as Ben Gonzalez, a young man who discovers he’s a reaper tasked with capturing souls, in this supernatural drama series.
  • “Arrow” (2016-2020): He played Rene Ramirez, also known as Wild Dog, a vigilante with a complex backstory, in this popular CW superhero series.
  • “The Lost Symbol” (2021): Gonzalez portrayed Nod, a Freemason who aids Robert Langdon in his quest for the Holy Grail, in this television series adaptation.
  • “Law & Order: Organized Crime” (2022-present): Gonzalez joined the cast as Detective Bobby Reyes, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Social Justice Advocate: In addition to his acting career, Rick Gonzalez is known for his advocacy work. He promotes social concerns like immigration reform and gun violence on his platform, showing his dedication to social change.

Rick Gonzalez’s talent, dedication, and passion for social justice make him a respected figure in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Political Positions

Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez
Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez

Sherry Aon isn’t particularly interested in politics. Given the current state of instability, she prefers not to get involved in that arena. The complexities and nuances of politics don’t align with her interests. Sherry hasn’t shown any inclination to enter the political scene, and she’s generally unfazed by current political events.

Instead, Sherry focuses on other aspects of her life that bring her joy and fulfillment. She prioritizes her family, her hobbies, and her personal growth. Politics simply isn’t a priority for her, and she prefers to devote her time and energy to things that resonate more with her values and interests.

Sherry Aon’s Net Worth

Sherry Aon's Net Worth

Sherry Aon’s net worth is not publicly known, but her husband Rick Gonzalez has amassed a substantial net worth of around $1 million through his successful entertainment career. Rick’s journey in the industry has been marked by success, with his roles in various movies and TV series contributing to his financial prosperity. He is a highly sought-after performer, commanding significant fees for his work on screen.

Net worth can be influenced by several factors, including earnings, investments, and personal activities. Both Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez may have seen their net worth grow as a result of their careers in entertainment. As we continue to learn more about Sherry Aon’s life, we’ll explore how her family’s financial landscape has evolved over the years. Stay tuned for more insights into Sherry Aon’s fascinating world.

Final Thoughts

Sherry Aon is a woman of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, born in 1979 in New York City. She graduated from Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts and began a successful modeling career in the early 2000s, featuring in campaigns for iconic brands. Sherry’s love story with actor and singer Rick Gonzalez started during their modeling days, and they have a daughter named Skylar Gonzalez.

Despite her success, Sherry values privacy and focuses on her family, avoiding the public eye. She uses her platform to advocate for social causes like child poverty and education. Sherry Aon’s life reflects intelligence, success, and a commitment to making a positive impact, making her a role model for many.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sherry Aon

1. Who is Sherry Aon?

Sherry Aon is a woman of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, born in 1979 in New York City. She is known for her work as a model and is married to actor and singer Rick Gonzalez.

2. What is Sherry Aon’s background in the arts?

Sherry graduated from Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts, indicating her early interest and involvement in the arts.

3. How did Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez meet?

Sherry and Rick met during their high school days while both were involved in modeling. Their love story blossomed from there.

4. Does Sherry Aon have any children?

Yes, Sherry and Rick have a daughter named Skylar Gonzalez, born in 2013.

5. What is Sherry Aon’s stance on privacy?

Sherry values her privacy and chooses to focus on her family and personal experiences rather than seeking public attention.

6. What social causes is Sherry Aon passionate about?

Sherry is an advocate for social causes such as child poverty and education, using her platform to raise awareness.

7. What is Sherry Aon’s current focus?

Sherry’s current focus appears to be on her family and personal life, as she maintains a low profile in the public eye.

8. Is Sherry Aon active on social media?

No, Sherry Aon is not known to be active on social media, preferring to keep her private life private.

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