Who is Aaron Kendrick De Niro? Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings And More

Aaron Kendrick De Niro is the twin son of the renowned American actor, Robert De Niro, and his former girlfriend, Toukie Smith. Despite being born into the spotlight with famous parents, Aaron tends to steer clear of the glitz and glamour associated with Hollywood. He opts for a more low-key lifestyle, shying away from the public eye.

However, curiosity about Aaron’s interests and endeavors arose when his twin brother, Julian, gained attention for his role as young Obama in the 2022 series “The First Lady.” This sparked inquiries into whether Aaron shares his brother’s passion for acting and the film industry.

Profile Summary of Aaron Kendrick De Niro

Full/Real name Aaron Kendrick De Niro
Birth date October 20, 1995
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
Age (As of 2024)28 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherRobert De Niro
MotherToukie Smith
SiblingsTwin Brother Aaron Kendrick De Niro, three half-siblings: Raphael, Elliot, Helen; one step-sibling: Drena
Marital statusUnmarried
Famous ForBeing Robert De Niro’s son
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
Height5’9″, 175.26 cm
Weight75Kg, 165lbs
Body Measurements42-35-37 inches
Lucky StonePeridot
Lucky Number9
Favorite ColorBlue
ProfessionCelebrity Child

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Birth Story: Conceived Through In-Vitro Fertilization

Aaron Kendrick De Niro entered the world on October 20, 1995, as a twin to his parents, Robert and Toukie. Fast forward to 2024, and Aaron is now 28 years old.

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Interestingly, he and his twin brother Julian were conceived through the process of in-vitro fertilization and were brought into the world via surrogacy.

Just a year after Aaron’s birth, his parents went their separate ways. Despite their split, both Robert and Toukie remained dedicated to providing a stable and nurturing environment for their sons. They opted for joint custody, ensuring that Aaron and Julian could spend quality time with both of their parents—this arrangement aimed to prioritize the twins’ well-being and happiness during a challenging transition time.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s parents

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s parents

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s parents are Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith. His father, Robert De Niro, is a highly acclaimed American actor, producer, and director, renowned for his remarkable performances in numerous iconic films such as “Bang the Drum Slowly” (1973), “Taxi Driver” (1976), “Cape Fear” (1991), and “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012), among others.

On the other hand, Aaron’s mother, Toukie Smith, is an American actress and model recognized for her portrayal of Eva Rawley in the NBC sitcom “227.” Unfortunately, Robert and Toukie’s relationship ended in separation just a year after Aaron’s birth. Despite their split, they maintained joint custody of their children, ensuring that Aaron and his twin brother received love and care from both parents.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Childhood and Education

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Childhood and Education

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s skilled parents raised him in an artistic environment. The performing arts captivated him from a young age, influenced by his parents’ success and devotion.

Although his education is unknown, it’s likely that Aaron obtained a well-rounded education that fostered his creative and personal growth. He probably had a rich childhood full of opportunities to explore his hobbies and talents.

Toukie Smith: Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Mother

Toukie Smith: Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Mother
Toukie Smith

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s mother, Toukie Smith, is a brilliant actress and model who played Eva Rawley in the 1989–1990 NBC sitcom “227”. Toukie, born in Philadelphia on September 25, 1952, began modeling in her early 20s before moving into acting.

Toukie met Robert De Niro in the entertainment world and fell in love. Though they never married, their relationship flourished from 1988 to 1996. Despite this, they had twin boys Aaron and Julian via surrogacy.

The Career of Aaron Kendrick De Niro

The Career of Aaron Kendrick De Niro
Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s career

There’s been speculation among netizens about Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s potential career path, considering his lineage in the entertainment industry. With both of his parents deeply involved in moviemaking, many wonder if Aaron might follow suit. However, despite the curiosity, the 25-year-old has remained notably quiet about his future plans, leaving everyone guessing.

Rumors have circulated that his father, Robert De Niro, attempted to assist Aaron in honing his acting skills to secure roles in the industry. However, it seems Aaron wasn’t keen on pursuing an acting career. At present, he is not actively involved in the film industry.

Despite his divergence from the family profession, Robert and Aaron Kendrick De Niro maintain a strong and affectionate father-son bond. In an interview addressing his approach to parenting, Robert emphasized his belief in allowing his children to carve out their own paths and find fulfillment in their chosen endeavors. He advocates for their happiness above all else, encouraging them to pursue their passions and aspirations independently.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Following His Father’s Footsteps into Acting

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Following His Father's Footsteps into Acting
Robert De Niro

Aaron Kendrick De Niro isn’t following his father and sibling into film or TV. Some wrongly believe Aaron Kendrick, another actor with a few credentials, is Robert De Niro’s son. The star kid Aaron Kendrick De Niro isn’t an actor. His professional life is completely hidden from the media.

Aaron wants to do what makes him happy, even though he hasn’t said so. His father, a famous actor, advised his children to follow their dreams and not settle for less in an interview with People magazine.

“For my kids, I tell them, ‘If you want to be an actor or you want to do this or that, that’s fine as long as you’re happy,'” said De Niro. Don’t undersell yourself. That’s the most I would say — push yourself a little more and reach for what you really think it is you want to do. Don’t be afraid.”

Why is Aaron Kendrick De Niro famous?

Aaron Kendrick De Niro is best known for being the son of Robert De Niro, a renowned American actor, producer, and director, and Toukie Smith, a famous American actress and model. Despite his famous parents, Aaron keeps most of his life private. Due to this, little is known about him, making him mysterious.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Siblings

Aaron Kendrick De Niro's Siblings

Aaron Kendrick De Niro is part of a diverse family with five half-siblings stemming from various relationships with his father, Robert De Niro. Raphael De Niro, Aaron’s elder half-brother, is from Robert’s first marriage to actress Diahnne Abbott. Additionally, Aaron has an adopted sister named Drena De Niro.

In addition to Julian, his twin brother, Aaron shares half-sibling status with Elliot De Niro and Helen Grace De Niro. These two siblings are from Robert’s marriage to Grace Hightower, his second wife. Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro, Aaron’s youngest half-sister, was born to Robert and his girlfriend Tiffany Chen in April 2023, when Robert was 79 years old.

Aaron and his siblings represent a blend of cultures and backgrounds. Robert De Niro himself addressed their biracial heritage during a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, noting, “My children are all half black and I don’t have, even me, I take certain things for granted.”

Aaron’s heritage reflects his African-American lineage from his mother’s side, coupled with a mix of Italian, Irish, German, Dutch, English, French Huguenots, and Scottish ancestry from his father’s lineage.

Julian Henry De Niro: Following in the Acting Footsteps of Aaron’s Twin Brother

Julian Henry De Niro: Following in the Acting Footsteps of Aaron's Twin Brother
Aaron Kendrick with his twin brother Julian and their mother

Julian Henry De Niro, Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s twin brother, has followed in their father’s footsteps into acting. Julian made his cinematic debut in 2016 as Billy in “In Dubious Battle.” He returned to the screen six years later to play young Barack Obama in “The First Lady.”

Julian performs in theater as well as on screen. IMDb lists his role in Lorraine Hansberry’s “The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window,” performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music – Harvey Theater. Julian’s rising career shows his dedication to acting.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Relationship Status

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Relationship Status

Aaron Kendrick De Niro maintains a deeply private demeanor, and as such, details about his romantic relationships are scarce. He has not been observed spending time with any female companions publicly, and he does not have any children.

Given Aaron’s elusive nature, his love life remains largely uncharted territory. The absence of a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram further complicates efforts to uncover personal details.

Considering his lack of public dating endeavors, it’s reasonable to conclude that Aaron is currently single.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s net worth

As Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s professional endeavors remain undisclosed, determining his net worth is challenging. However, estimates hover around $1.5 million. Details regarding investments or assets under Aaron’s name are scarce.

In contrast, his father, Robert De Niro, boasts an estimated net worth of around $500 million, primarily amassed through his illustrious acting career. Meanwhile, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Aaron’s mother, Toukie, holds a net worth of $3 million. It’s possible that Aaron stands to inherit a portion of his parents’ wealth.

Fascinating facts about Aaron Kendrick de Niro

Fascinating facts about Aaron Kendrick de Niro
  1. He is the twin son of Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith.
  2. Aaron and his twin brother, Julian Henry De Niro, were conceived through in-vitro fertilization and delivered via surrogacy.
  3. Despite his parents’ prominent status in the entertainment industry, Aaron maintains a notably private lifestyle, avoiding the limelight.
  4. Aaron’s father, Robert De Niro, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $500 million, while his mother, Toukie Smith, has a net worth of $3 million.
  5. Aaron has five half-siblings from his father’s various relationships, including Raphael De Niro, Drena De Niro, Elliot De Niro, Helen Grace De Niro, and Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro.
  6. His twin brother, Julian Henry De Niro, has pursued a career in acting, appearing in films and theater productions.
  7. Despite speculation about Aaron’s potential career in the entertainment industry, he has shown little public interest in following in his parents’ footsteps.
  8. Aaron’s childhood was likely influenced by the artistic talents of his parents, who provided a nurturing environment for his creative growth.
  9. Robert De Niro emphasizes the importance of his children finding happiness in their chosen paths, encouraging them to pursue their passions independently.

Social Accounts

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Aaron Kendrick De Niro is quite private on social media. De Niro has no verified Instagram account despite his fame. He is also inactive on Twitter and Facebook, unlike his twin brother Julian, who uses Instagram.

Aaron appears to want a private existence, avoiding famous child fame. Eschewing social media shows his desire for solitude and secrecy. Aaron keeps his identity a secret despite his father’s prominence.

As Aaron pursues his career, the public may learn more about him. He continues to travel on his own terms away from the spotlight until then.

Let’s wind up

Aaron Kendrick De Niro is the twin son of renowned actor Robert De Niro and actress/model Toukie Smith. Born via in-vitro fertilization and surrogacy, Aaron grew up in a household filled with artistic talent, alongside his twin brother Julian Henry De Niro. Despite his parents’ fame, Aaron maintains a private lifestyle, avoiding public scrutiny and social media.

While his twin brother has ventured into acting, Aaron has shown little interest in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, preferring to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. With limited information available about him, Aaron remains an enigmatic figure, emphasizing the importance of privacy and personal fulfillment, as advocated by his father, Robert De Niro.

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